Learning is Constant and knows no age....

Looks speak a thousand words. It is not just only about good looks but it is also the posture & the confidence one exudes, that leads to building a strong personality.

Suggestive Age Bank:

7-9, 9-12,  12-15


Module Description Subject
Character Building

Strength of character is what a being strives for and if instilled in a tender age, it paves way for the long journey ahead. Key character building features like honesty, cooperation, responsibility respect etc. are taught through special interactive sessions. Special speakers are invited time and again to address children.

  • Honesty
  • Cooperation
  • Caring
  • Citizenship
  • Responsibility
  • Forgiveness
  • Fairness
  • respect
Public Speaking

This program will provide the participants with a great degree of self-confidence and provide them with public speaking abilities, set goals & dealing with all types of people

  • How to handle stage fears
  • Inculcating leadership qualities
How To Handle Bully

Will be taught to handle Verbal bully, cyber bully and relational bully

  • Handling peer pressure
  • Be assertive


How to create positive body language to give best impression in all social situations.

  • Postures and gestures
  • Body language
Self Management

An affirmation is strong positive statement telling All is Well despite what the negative chatter in our mind is taught.

    • I can handle it!
    • Anger management
    • spirituality
Confidence Building Children become Confident and poised to create positive impression in any social situation .
    • Having positive attitude
    • Dealing with complexes
    • Self motivation
    • How to be influential

Interview Preparation

This workshop prepares students for networking and interviewing for schools & competitions at higher level. Also Includes Presentation skills, leadership qualities in order to ace an impression & live practical training and renowned corporate mentorship to children.

          • Do's and don'ts of interview
          • How to impress
          • Right dress
          • Right entry right exit